Granule Flow Testers



As an entry-level device, the GTL is ideally suited for the USP/EP-compliant measurement of the flowability of powder and granules according to the measurement methods of weight and volume. Thanks to the simple numerical membrane keypad and the LC display, the device is easy to operate and all results can also be printed out.

The GT has a scale - this allows the stable weight to be measured during the flow process. In addition to the two measurement methods of the GTL (flowability by weight and volume), the GT can also measure the flowability over a specified time as well as the flow angle with graphic display.

The GTB complements the extensive capabilities of the GT with an advanced, automatic laser measurement of the angle of repose - this gives the user a comprehensive picture of the flow properties of the evaluated powder or granulate.

Both devices, the GT and the GTB have an LC display and a membrane keypad for easy operation, which also enables the results to be printed out. Various accessories also make it possible to carry out customer-specific measurements that are not EP-compliant. For example, outlet nozzles with different diameters or smaller receiving funnels can be selected. The GT and GTB can optionally be equipped with a stirring unit for samples with poor flowability. The speed can be regulated in four stages.

Key Features

  • 100% EP-compliant measurement methods possible.
  • Angle of repose Laser Measurement.
  • Powder and granulate flow measurement with up to 5 methods.
  • Additional options for customer-specific measurement methods.
  • Interface for immediate printing of results.

Erweka Granule Flow Tester GT