The VPS-100 Series Capsule Polisher is CroPharm’s latest processing solution. The VPS-100 is an advanced polishing and conveying system that maximizes sample throughput (up to 300,000 capsules/hr depending on size and weight) by utilizing vacuum suction with chamber perforations to ensure dust aspiration. Compressed air blows the dust radially and downward to the vacuum extraction point. The tri-clamp design allows you to directly connect the polisher to many capsule filling machines. The modular design allows for customization in conveying height. The drive unit is sealed from the polishing chamber. The vertical space saving design minimizes footprint and allows for easy integration with peripheral equipment such as metal detectors, empty capsule sorters, and diverters. The vertical design allows you to increase production without having to interfere and change the final storage drum. The vertical nylon conveying brush gently polishes and elevates capsules. The brush is customizable to meet your specific needs. A digital speed controller allows for an easy repeatable speed adjustment when switching between batches and capsule sizes. For more information please watch the video below and download the brochure.

Key Features

  • Outlet can be rotated 360 degrees with respect to inlet.
  • Vertical design to ensure compatibility with metal detectors and storing drums. Can be placed on any side of the capsule filler.
  • Small footprint and low noise.
  • Easy tool-less assembly and disassembly thanks to the modular tri-clamp design.
  • Made in USA with pharmaceutical grade materials. Stainless steel construction.

Digital Speed Controller

Helical Brush