Disintegration Testers



On the ZT 320 disintegration testers series, the test stations (one to four) are driven individually. In order to guarantee outstanding quality and the highest ease of use each test station is controlled by its own keypad. After programming the required test run time, the basket rack assembly with its loaded samples is automatically lowered into the media. On completion of the preset run time or when the stop button is pressed, the basket rack is raised from the media to prevent further disintegration of the samples (optional).

The temperature displayed on the LED display is the one measured by the standard external temperature sensor, either located inside the water bath or the test media. The optional type "B" basket rack assembly with three larger test tubes can be fitted to all ZT 220/320 disintegration testers.

Optionally the basket rack assembly is moved into the media when the start button is pressed and automatically raised on completion of the preset run time or when the stop button is pressed. All recorded test run parameters can be hard copied via the USB printer interface. The actual disintegration time can be added manually afterwards.

Key Features

  • Easy control with LED display.
  • ZT 320 series is available with up to 4 racks for baskets with either 3 or 6 test stations.
  • Integrated flow-through heating system.
  • Manual lift-in and -out of the baskets.
  • 55 ± 2 mm stroke height.
  • Temperature range 30?-?50 °C.
  • Up to 100 samples per test.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ documentation included.

Erweka Disintegration Tester ZT 320