EasyCheck is the new entry-level tablet combination tester that tests for up to 5 parameters. The compact system is 100% compliant with all common pharmacopeias, and excels, above all, through innovative design features and a clear focus on essentials: Its integrated load cell automatically weighs samples, the Oblong SliderĀ® automatically brings evenly shaped oblongs into perfect alignment, and the intuitive touch display allows storage of up to 100 products/methods. The EasyCheck offers a test memory for up to 1 million test results directly on the unit, a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail light feature and a data export function to CSV and XML format.

EasyCheck is your entry-level device for easy, fully automatic and highly precise testing for up to 5 parameters!

The highly intuitive touch display enables the unit's complex functions to be operated and controlled with maximum ease of operation. Measurements can be launched and displayed quickly and easily. For convenient data input (e.g. in order to create new products) the unit now also offers support for USB keyboards - which significantly facilitates data management directly from the device itself.By default, the unit stores 100 products/ methods and has a product memory that can hold up to 1 million test results - enabling results from earlier tests to be re-called whenever required.

In addition, extensive integrated calibration functions and the Audit Trail Light feature (logging What, Who, When) ensures that you have access to precise test results and extensive documentation of all working steps at all time - highest user convenience combined with powerful functionality.

Key Features

  • Integrated weight measurement for individual samples.
  • The Oblong slider technology perfectly aligns evenly shaped oblongs for easy determination of width, length and tablet hardness.
  • A neat star-shaped rotary magazine made of stainless steel and aluminium provides 20 test positions.
  • EasyCheck can additionally be fitted with a test memory to accommodate up to 1 million test results, a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail light feature for paperless reporting and a data export function for CSV and XML export.

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