Designed and manufactured by CroPharm, the MT set of mechanical tablets are a unique tool for hardness tester verification. Often times included as a set, the MT is used as a calibrated hardness tablet to easily test your hardness tester to make sure it is operating as expected. Should your hardness tester display a hardness outside of the specified MT tolerance then a calibration of the device would be necessary. Mechanical Tablets are not a substitute to routine calibration and qualification.

The MT is placed on the test station and is specially designed with our newest DiF shaft to reliably simulate a drop in force.

The CroPharm MT sets are available individually or as a set with calibration certificates, protective carrying cases, and instructions.

Available Calibration Standards

  • MT-5 kp
  • MT-10 kp
  • MT-15 kp
  • MT-20 kp

Mechanical Tablet