The new MultiCheck 6 offers ease of operation, maximum efficiency and enhanced operator convenience. This fully automatic combination tester is packed with innovative technology: The intuitive touch display with integrated MC.NET software functionality, the capsule weight measurement system, and the patented Oblong NavigatorĀ®.

With the new patented turntable technology odd-shaped oblongs and tablets can be correctly aligned and easily checked for diameter, width and length. Along with the patented oblong navigator, the integrated balance, and automatic feeder, MultiCheck 6 provided fully automated 5 parameter testing at the highest accuracy.

By default, the unit stores 100 products/methods and has a product memory that can hold up to 1 million test results - enabling results from earlier tests to be re-called whenever required. In addition, extensive integrated calibration functions and the Audit Trail Light feature (logging: What, Who, When) ensures that you have access to precise test results and extensive documentation of all working steps at all time - highest user convenience combined with powerful functionality.

Key Features

  • Integrated balance for direct weight measurement for individual samples.
  • The patented Oblong Navigator perfectly aligns odd shaped oblongs for easy determination of width, length and tablet hardness.
  • Via the direct measurement menu tests can be started quickly with results immediately stored.
  • Touch display with intuitive operation.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ documentation included.

Erweka MultiCheck 6

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